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 Jan Matson, Artist - Jan Matson, Artist in Oils

Jan Matson, Artist


A photo of the artist, Jan Matson

Jan Matson

A stretched canvas print with a design of pink poppies by Jan Matson

Canvas print with pink poppies design

Jan Matson is an Australian artist living in country New South Wales, who is stimulated by the colors and moods of beaches. Jan provides beach paintings which will bring back happy memories of vacations at the seaside. Ocean paintings to relax.  Landscapes, street scenes, animals and flowers to add color and interest to home decor. She paints in an impressionist style in oils applied with palette knife and brush.
The great impressionist painters of the late 19th century, particularly the artists Monet and Renoir have been an influence on her.
Jan Matson has traveled extensively, bringing back ideas and photos to paint from. The cottages and street scenes of France, Italy and Croatia are favorite subjects of Jan’s paintings. Jan loves to roam the countryside and villages of Europe and paint the ancient scenes.
Australian landscapes, country cottages and animals are also loved and painted by Jan. Her animal paintings will start with a few lines painted on board or canvas, then lovely thick oil paint is added, molded and sculpted with a palette knife until the animal raises off the surface and appears to come to life!
Jan Matson, a full time artist for many years, exhibits online with original paintings and prints available in various sizes and styles to decorate the home, office, child’s nursery or holiday cottage. She travels north to the Gold Coast of Queensland and northern New South Wales regularly to photograph and paint some Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

A panorama oil painting of the ocean at dusk, by Jan Matson

Ocean Panorama

A beach painting with colorful beach umbrellas, deck chairs and people enjoying a day at the seaside.

Beach Umbrellas


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